Welcome to the Age of Heroes.

Influenced and drawn heavily from Dwarf Fortress, FFH2, Eberron, and others. Thank you to all the writers, developers, artists, etc., that produce these great works!

FFH2 by Kael: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=171398
Dwarf Fortress by Toady and Three Toe: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/
Eberron by Keith Baker and others: http://archive.wizards.com/DnD/Product.aspx?x=dnd/products/dndacc/239647200

This campaign will explore a dark sword and sorcery realm, with a focus on exploration and role-play. We all love epic battles, we don’t so much love a grind.

The adventuring group will start with four, selected based on the player’s investment in background details and the “novel concept” factor. I am truly not impressed by how much damage your half-orc barbarian can do every round… show me a dwarf interpreter, forced into knighthood under dire circumstances, on the lamb from authorities for claiming aforementioned knighthood…

Starting level: 7th
Starting wealth: 500gp + normal starting gear. Do not retain gp over 150 after initial purchases. One character will start with a Ring of Swimming.
Starting Scenario: You are indentured servants to a priest of Kilmorph. This is actually a step up from your previous lives as slaves in a Calabim breeding pit. The priest has one last mission for you, to earn an early release from your contract ;)

Key Points to remember:

  • Players are not compelled, but are encouraged to generate persons, places, and things to suit there background.
  • Flavor need not match stereotypes or mechanics… be creative.
  • Start with a concept, flesh it out a bit, and then pick the mechanics that suit your character. For ex: We often think of Legendary Merlin as a wizard, but he was mechanically a druid. Perhaps your weird as half-orc is has fey-blood, or is descended from lycanthropes… choose the mechanics of a druid to explain his freakish powers, ignore the WOTC-provided flavor.

Age of Heroes

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